Ingenico iWL255 Bluetooth

The iWL252 is designed for reliable Bluetooth connectivity even in the most demanding environments.


Ingenico iWL255 Bluetooth

The iWL252 provides Bluetooth connectivity between the terminal and the communications base of around 50-60 metres line of sight, making it the ideal solution for a restaurant and hospitality environment where pay at table is becoming more prevalent.

The iWL252 includes the following features:

  • Contactless card acceptance capability
  • Magnetic stripe and chip card interfaces
  • Full colour backlit LCD display
  • Dual 32-bit processors – delivering incredible processing speed
  • Large backlit keypad
  • Broadband communications
  • Dialup communications
  • Both a fully integrated and stand-alone Eftpos application in one device
  • Will interface between the communications base and the POS

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