QT-6600 Point of Sale

A large touch panel with flexible connectivity and stable system integrity  permits easy operation and improves speed and  efficiency for most businesses in the hospitality environment.


QT-6600 Point of Sale

With 70 items on a single screen and multiple menu shifts available, simple operation

is assured. Every item can be linked to a graphic image for further enhanced ease of use.

Easy to use

  • The wide, bright 15" colour TFT LCD touch panel assures easy, accurate operation. The touch screen offers clear categorization for item registration, numeric entry and entry confirmation.
  • A built-in 2x20 character rear display makes it easy for customers to monitor sales transactions, and either an emerald green or white backlight colour can be selected to suit the operating environment.
  • The QT-6600 supports Ethernet/RS232c communication with remote UP-400 printers for flexible network configuration on your business premises.
  • The display can be tilted throughout the range from 20 to 70 degrees, nabling it to adjust to virtually any operating environment.


  • Six RS232c ports support flexible, varied configurations of peripherals such as printers, scanners, scales and PCs.
  • 1x Ethernet with a speed of 10/100 Base T/TX ensures smooth in-house communication with other equipment, and the ability to use a popular CAT5 cable makes wiring easy as well.
  • 2x drawer ports are standard equipment.
  • An optionally available QT-6060D remote customer display offers a selection of from one to three backlight colours.
  • Operator recognition is achieved by secret code, optional dallas key or optional MCR.
  • Connection of an optionally (locally sourced) order-entry terminal for order taking and receipt issuing is also possible.
  • Bar-code scanning handles registration of bar-coded items basic to the hospitality environment.
  • The system also supports configuration of additional (locally sourced) options such as a PS2 keyboard and scale.


  • Operation resumes quickly after power failures or other such interruptions.
  • An intuitive screen layout reduces training time for new employees.
  • A master and master backup system

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